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Taking steps against frequent flooding

Climate change is leading to heavier and more frequent precipitation, which in turn is causing significant challenges in relation to surface water. This is something that people living in Bryne in Rogaland have experienced.

When precipitation does not find its way into the drainage system, it can cause extensive damage to the environment, infrastructure and, in the worst cases, to people’s health. Without preventative measures, this can be very costly. Bryne in Rogaland is a flat area that has had problems with water and wastewater running into cellars as well as flooding fields right outside the centre of town. In response, Time Municipality has implemented a comprehensive range of measures to take the pressure off the pipe systems. These include a water retention system and separating surface water from wastewater to address the surface water problem.

The climate change adaptation measures Time Municipality has implemented will be financially beneficial – and will also help protect the municipality’s natural areas.

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