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Innovative system that uses seawater as a source of energy

Sandnessjøen Fjernvarmeanlegg AS (SFV) is using sea water as a source of energy for its heat pump system.

SFV’s district heating system uses energy from the sea to heat everything from a hospital to private homes. Seawater is collected at a depth of 60 metres where the temperature of the water ranges from 4° to 12° over the course of a year. The energy is distributed via heated water that maintains a temperature of
between 58° and 65°, depending on the outside temperature. This heated water is pumped to subscribers via a separate system of pipes that totals 3.5 km in length. The solution chosen by SFV helps Sandnessjøen’s residents to heat their homes using low-cost, renewable energy.

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Key figures

Outstanding lending:

NOK 4.9 mn.

Total cost:

NOK 6.3 mn.

Excepted energy production

5.85 GWh/annually


Renewable energy