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Green loans

We offers green loans with lower interest rates for investments that solve the climate challenges of the future today.

It pays to go green 

Green loans are granted to projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and/or constitute an adaptation to climate change. KBN’s green loans are financed by green bonds.

What is the criterias for green loans?

Criteria set for green loan

The criterias and the documentation requirements depends on which category the project belongs to.

We offers green versions of all its loan products that have maturities in excess of three years

For long-term loans with repayments, the interest rate is discounted by 0.1 percentage points  lower than the rate charges on KBN's normal loans. On loans in competition with the capital market, the green interest rate is set individually. 


Green projects we finance

KBN green loans help finance climate- and environmentally friendly investments in Norwegian municipalities and county authorities.  We annually presents the green projects and their environmental impact in a report. 

Green success stories

Impact report 2018 (pdf) 

Ask us for a loan offer 

Send a loan request to your contact person or contact us for an informal chat.

Video about our green loans