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Green Bonds

Our green bonds finance projects which help to solve the future’s climate issues today.

Green Funds for Green Solutions

Green Bond Issuance

In line with KBN's growing Green Lending portfolio, Green Bond issuance has continued to grow. By 2019, KBN has issued Green Bonds in USD, NOK, AUD and SEK and current Green Bond issuance outstanding amounts to USD 1.75 billion equivalent.

KBN's Impact Reporting

KBN has published an Impact Report yearly since 2016. This report presents the projects financed by our green bonds. KBN is also one of the contributors behind the Nordic Public Sector Issuers’ Position Paper on Green Bond Impact Reporting. This position paper forms the basis of our impact reporting.

Summary Impact Report 2018.pdf

Impact Report 2018.pdf

Impact Report 2017.pdf

Impact Report 2016.pdf 


Other related documents:

KBN Green Bond Framework.pdf 

KBN Cicero Second Opinion June 2016.pdf

KBN Green Loans Selection Criteria.pdf



CO2 saved thanks to green loans from KBN

Outstanding amount:
NOK 20.29 bn.
CO2 avoided and reduced:
58 411 tonnes

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