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Environmental sustainability

The environmental dimension of sustainable development is about looking after nature and the climate as a renewable resource for people.

KBN aims to be a driver for the local government sector’s investment in green projects and to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon society. We were the first Norwegian financial institution to offer reduced-rate green loans to municipalities when they invest in climate friendly projects. We finance our green lending by issuing green bonds in the international capital markets. KBN raised its first green funding in 2010 and is now Norway’s most active issuer of green bonds.

KBN’s 2021 Green Bond Framework, which also defines the processes associated with granting green loans, disbursing funds and reporting, has been independently assessed by CICERO, a climate research centre. CICERO's second opinion concludes that “Sustainability work is comprehensively integrated in KBN and the selection of eligibility criteria is based on independent expert advice. (…) Management of proceeds is well aligned with the Green Bond Principles and reporting is excellent.”  

Read more about our activities and targets for our work on environmental sustainability in our integrated annual report.

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