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KBN has developed a truly global funding program with active issuance in core USD and EUR benchmark markets, as well as regular issuance in other international public markets. KBN also offers investors flexibility through the issuance of private placements and selected retail issuance.

Diversification is of key importance and KBN continues to strive to develop its international investor base. Issuance is conducted via a range of documentation platforms, enabling access to both domestic and international investors. A key factor in KBN's success is our flexibility to meet demand for various currencies and tenors and our short response time on new ideas.

Funding Strategy

KBN is targeting an estimated total issuance program of USD 10 billion equivalent in 2021.

In 2020, KBN raised USD 11.4 billion equivalent via its diversified funding program.  This was achieved via 37 individual transactions across 6 different currencies. 

Graf markets 2018.pngGraf geography 2018.png

Benchmark Issuance

KBN's largest benchmark market is the active issuance it completes in the USD market. KBN aims to issue 2-4 USD benchmarks annually. In order to broaden the KBN investor base and expand market presence, KBN began issuance of EUR denominated Benchmarks in 2014. KBN aims to be an active EUR benchmark issuer. Benchmark issuance targets investors from around the world in maturities ranging from 2 to 10 years.

Recent USD Benchmark Distribution:

KBN benchmark issuance


Outstanding Issuance


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KBN Investor Presentation

For more in-depth information on KBN and our Funding activities, please see our Investor Presentation 

KBN Investor Presentation - April 21

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