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Customer success stories

Read all about our customers investments and projects based on KBN lending.

Full speed ahead on the E16 between Bagn and Bjørgo

The construction work must have progressed at full speed as this stretch of road opened ahead of schedule – which impressed Norway’s Minister of Transport, Jon Georg Dale.

Significant savings from calculating life-cycle costs

Is your municipality about to start a new construction project? If so, it is time to learn more about what you can save by calculating all the costs associated with a building for its entire life before construction starts.

No once-in-a-hundred-years floods ever again

When the small village of Kvam in Gudbrandsdalen was hit by two once-in-a-hundred-years floods in the space of three years, it unwittingly became a symbol of Norway’s vulnerability to extreme weather. Today the village boasts robust adaption solutions and has the best flood defences in Norway.