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Our value creation will balance financial, social and environmental factors so that our return over time is generated within sustainable limits.

The customer first

"KBN will be the most important financing partner for
Norwegian municipalities and county authorities"

Strong market participant

"Through a strong position in the capital markets, nationally and internationally, KBN will ensure Norwegian municipalities have access to attractive financing"

Leader in green finance

"KBN will be among the leading financial institutions on climate risk, green financing solutions, sustainability reporting and insight that contributes to sustainable development."

A digital first choice

"Our customers and employees will prefer using KBN’s digital solutions because they provide insight, are efficient and provide a good basis for decisions."

A future-oriented organisation

"Our culture will be characterised by the fact that we refresh our expertise through learning and knowledge sharing in order to create value for our customers."

We finance the local communities of tomorrow
KBN vision