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We provide financing on attractive terms, and we seek to promote sustainable local communities and to contribute to the green shift.

The customer first

"KBN will be the most important financing partner for
Norwegian municipalities and county authorities"

Strong market participant

"Through a strong position in the capital markets, nationally and internationally, KBN will ensure Norwegian municipalities have access to attractive financing"

Leader in green finance

"KBN will help its customers to succeed in achieving their climate objectives"

A digital first choice

"We will strive to ensure that our customer-oriented digital solutions are regarded as simple and effective for the borrowing process and contribute to our customers' insight into their debt management. Our internal system solutions and future-oriented tech choices will free up time for more value-adding work"

A future-oriented organisation

"KBN will be a recognised knowledge business in financing and for the development of future-oriented financing solutions for Norwegian municipalities"

Sustainable value creation

"Our value creation will balance financial, social and environmental sustainability"

Long-term partner for local welfare services
KBN vision