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Food waste and manure being turned into fuel

“The magic factory” in Vestfold is at the cutting edge of bio energy production in Norway.

In this factory outside Tønsberg, food waste and livestock manure is recycled into climate-friendly biogas and a valuable bio-fertiliser that is used to produce more food. Every year the facility processes 120,000 of food waste and livestock manure, which produces biogas equivalent to 6.8 million litres of diesel. Biogas can replace fossil diesel as a fuel in, for example, refuse trucks, busses, articulated lorries and other heavier vehicles for which there are not many electric alternatives on the market.


The “magic factory” is also contributing to local climate objectives by creating green growth and value creation in the region. This is the result of the factory’s entire value chain, from how the manure is stored and used through to using the bio-fertiliser and using the biogas as a fuel. Using biogas as a fuel is regarded as green CO2, as it involves using organic waste to replace fossil fuel. The close collaboration between the plant and the agriculture sector has resulted in the facility being recognised as a national pilot project. Vestfold already meets the government’s target of 30% of all manure being converted into biogas by 2020 - and has done so since 2016.


The factory is more than a biogas plant, as it is helping to link different industries together through a range of activities and projects. An industrial, semi-closed pilot greenhouse has been built near the factory, which uses green CO2 and fertiliser from the factory to grow climate-friendly tomatoes. A knowledge and experience centre is also being built where children and young people will be able to learn about recycling and renewable energy.


The magic factory is a collaboration between Vestfold Avfall og Ressurs AS, Grenland og Vestfold Biogass AS, Lindum AS, which operates the biogas plant, Air Liquide Skagerak AS and Grønt skifte AS.

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Key figures

Outstanding lending:

165,526,320 NOK

Estimated discount:

1,439,133 NOK

Renewable energy produced annually:

44,830,045 kWh*

CO2 avoided:

17,035 tonnes of CO2*

*= KBN's share 

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