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KBN publishes impact data

For the first time, KBN supplements its impact report with data on environmental impact of it’s green bonds in a user-friendly spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be used by investors and other stakeholders wishing to further explore the data from the impact report.

13.03.2020 / News

Download Impact Report spreadsheet 2019

The spreadsheet is equipped with two built-in functionalities designed to increase usability for investors.  One is the opportunity to easily adjust the emission factor (the conversion factor between energy usage and GHG emissions) and thus aggregated emission reductions, and the other enables the investor to input her invested amount, upon which the spreadsheet will return the impact attributable to her investment.

We nevertheless encourage readers to also consult the full impact report 2019 for more thorough descriptions of methodology and uncertainties.

We welcome questions and feedback to this approach.

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