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Meet our employees

KBN has around 80 skilled employees who all make their own unique contribution to ensuring we meet our goals as a company. Are you curious about the sort of people who work here and what they do? We asked some of KBN’s employees to tell us about what their day-to-day work involves.

Torunn Brånå

20181016-js-22450 web.jpgPosition: Environment and Sustainability Advisor. First worked at KBN in 2015 as a temporary student employee. Became a permanent employee in 2017.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from Oslo and Akershus University College, International Studies at the University of Oslo, and a Master’s degree in International Environmental Studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås.

What do you do at KBN, and what are your responsibilities?

I got a permanent job in the lending department after working as a temporary student employee at KBN as a climate advisor. This role involved working on KBN’s reporting of the environmental impact of our loans and on developing our lending program for environmentally friendly projects. Ensuring that KBN’s employees and customers are familiar with our green loans is and will continue to be an important part of my job. As a master’s student, I was involved in a wide range of tasks and got to work a lot across departments, meaning I got to know the whole organisation. I still work closely with other departments, particularly the communications team.

What do you like about working at KBN?

For a climate nerd like me, working at an organisation that takes sustainability seriously is wonderful and really inspiring. I also like the social atmosphere and have got to know an amazing number of lovely, professionally impressive people. Also, I have always had managers who have given me responsibility and let me work on my own initiative, while also ensuring I received the help I needed. My educational background is somewhat different from that of most of my colleagues, and I have therefore learnt a lot about banking and finance since joining.