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Meet our employees

KBN has around 90 skilled employees who all make their own unique contribution to ensuring we meet our goals as a company. Are you curious about the sort of people who work here and what they do? We asked some of KBN’s employees to tell us about what their day-to-day work involves.

Mia Haakonsen Pedersen


Position: Sustainability Adviser
Education: MSc in Business, Sustainable Finance, BI Norwegian Business School

What do you do at KBN, and what are you responsible for?

– I joined KBN in a student position in 2021. Today I work as a sustainability adviser in the section Communication and Sustainability, which works on a number of different tasks across the departments in KBN. As a sustainability advisor, I also work closely with the bank's green finance team.

– The position entails, among other things, that I am responsible for the bank's sustainability reporting and to ensure that our reporting is in accordance with various reporting standards and initiatives such as GRI, TCFD, CDP and CSRD.

What advice would you give to students who are considering applying for a job at KBN?

- First of all, apply! KBN is a perfect place to work alongside hectic studies, with a great degree of flexibility and high learning outcomes. Find out who we are, what we do, and why you can be a good addition to the bank. Then you are well prepared for an interview, concludes Mia.


Georg Fuglesang


Position: Vice President, International Funding
Education: Msc Finance, BI Norwegian Business School

What do you do at KBN, and what are you responsible for?

– I joined KBN in a student position in 2018. Then I first worked in Post Trade Operations before moving on to Risk Management and Compliance.

Even before the master's thesis was submitted, Georg was offered a permanent position at KBN. In the early years he worked as a Risk Analyst, until he recently moved to a position as a Portfolio Manager in the Funding Department.

– As KBN does not take deposits from customers, all our loans to Norwegian municipalities and counties must be financed through the issuance of bond loans in the capital market, almost exclusively outside Norway, Georg explains.

– This is what we in the Funding Department are responsible for. KBN has a highly diversified funding programme, where we issue bonds in a number of currencies and with different maturities. In order to ensure demand for our bonds, we also spend a lot of time meeting and talking with international banking contacts and investors.

What advice would you give to students who are considering applying for a job at KBN?

– Familiarise yourself with KBN's operations and mandate. We are very flattered when applicants come for an interview and can show a certain understanding of what we do, why we do it and how, concludes Georg.


Viktorija Kuisyte


Position: Business Application Manager, Technology & Operations Department. 

Education: Bachelor in Economics with specialisation in Business Finance from the University of Vilnius and Master in Economics and Administration with specialisation in Finance from NMBU. In 2019, she started a Bachelor in Programming and System Architecture at UIO.

What do you do at KBN, and what are you responsible for?

– When I started at KBN in 2015, I worked on varied tasks within reporting, budgeting, forecasting and internal controls to ensure that the financial reporting is correct and reliable, says Viktorija.

– Later, I had the opportunity to participate in several projects to contribute to the implementation of new systems and processes, and this helped to arouse my interest in IT, she explains.

After almost eight years as financial controller, she was ready for new challenges. She found them internally at KBN.

– After several years in the same position, I needed new challenges to develop myself personally and professionally. It was exciting to see how technology can contribute to the efficiency of business processes while I worked as a financial controller. Therefore, I wanted to explore the business from a more technical perspective, while using the knowledge I already have from finance. In my current position, I have been given the opportunity to learn new skills, which has been very motivating and rewarding.

Do you have any advice for other women considering a career path in IT?

– Don't be afraid to explore different types of challenges than those you have encountered before. There are many different roles within the IT field. You are sure to find an area that fits your skills and interests perfectly. It can seem intimidating to enter the tech field where women are underrepresented, but remember that working life is long, and all experiences are worth their weight in gold, concludes Viktorija.