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Board of Directors

As of June 2019 the Board of Directors consisted of the following members:

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  • Brit Kristin Rugland

    Brit Kristin Rugland

  • Rune Midtgaard

    Rune Midtgaard

    Vice Chairman
  • Anne Jenny Dvergsdal

    Anne Jenny Dvergsdal

    Employee representative since 2020
  • Eyvind Aven

    Eyvind Aven

    Board member since 2019
  • Harald Jacobsen

    Harald Jacobsen

    Employee representative since 2019
  • Ida Espolin Johnson

    Ida Espolin Johnson

    Board member since 2018
  • Martha Takvam

    Martha Takvam

    Board member since 2005
  • Petter Steen jr.

    Petter Steen jr.

    Board member since 2015
  • Toril Hovdenak

    Toril Hovdenak

    Board member since 2020