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KBN publishes 2020 Impact Report

Read about new green projects financed in 2020, aggregated impact of KBN's green project portfolio and compliance with the EU Taxonomy.

25.02.2021 / News

KBN's green bonds finance a portfolio of green projects in the Norwegian municipal sector. In 2020 the portfolio exceeded 26 billion NOK outstanding. The impact report presents all new green projects financed in 2020, as well as a summary of aggregated impact of the total green project portfolio.  

The projects we finance contribute to: 

  • 50,058 tonnes of CO2e reduced + avoided annually 
  • 36 GWh energy reduced + avoided annually
  • 117 GWh of renewable energy produced annually

Download 2020 Impact Report (pdf) 

In 2020, NOK 6.3 billion was disbursed as green loans towards climate- and environmentally friendly projects in municipalities across Norway. The green loans have financed 48 new projects this year - including the new Munch Museum in Oslo, a number of measures for sustainable port operations in Karmsund and a new main water source in Beiarn municipality. The growth in KBN's green loans accounted for 34 per cent of the total growth in lending in 2020. 

As last year, KBN has published the entire green project list with the associated environmental impact in spreadsheet format. 

Download Impact Report 2020 (Excel) 

For the first time, KBN has assessed how the projects in our green project portfolio comply with the Technical Screening Criteria in the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities. The taxonomy has still not been adopted in its final form, so the mapping is preliminary. The mapping exercise shows that 9% of KBN's green project portfolio appears to be aligned with the technical screening criteria in the taxonomy, while 59% is considered “likely aligned”The complete assessment can be downloaded in spreadsheet format.  

Download Taxonomy alignment assessment 2020 (Excel)