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Collaborating to increase recycling

12 municipalities in the Østfold region has chosen to work together in order to meet new requirements.

The EU has adopted requirements which stipulate that over time an increasing proportion of household waste will have to be recycled, with 55% of household waste having to be recycled by 2025 and 65% by 2035. The average across 12 municipalities in the Østfold region is currently 30%. These municipalities have chosen to work together in order to meet the new requirements, and in 2020 they set up an intermunicipal company, Østfold Avfallssortering IKS (ØAS). ØAS will plan, construct and operate an automatic waste sorting plant for residual waste from households. The plant will help the municipalities meet the EU’s target of 65% of waste being recycled, and the plan is for the plant to enter operation and to start receiving waste from over 310,000 residents in the first six months of 2024.

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Key figures

Outstanding lending:

NOK 36 mn.

Total cost:

NOK 362 mn.

Project period:



Waste and circular economy