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Collaboration delivers environmental gains

The municipalities of Klæbu and Trondheim merged in January 2020, but they started even earlier working together in the area of water and wastewater management. This has created environmental benefits!

The capacity of the water and wastewater systems of the municipalities of Trondheim and Klæbu needed increasing, while the level of treatment also needed improving. The two municipalities decided to meet these requirements by creating a new, shared treatment facility in Trondheim. This has given them not only greater capacity and better water treatment but also a range of environmental benefits. Closing down the two smaller facilities has made the Nid river and its associated streams significantly less polluted. The project has also facilitated the future task of improving small private drainage arrangements, which will in turn help the streams become habitable for fish again. In addition, the project has helped make the water supply of both communities more secure.

By working together the municipalities have reduced their energy consumption, strengthened their preparedness for climate change and reduced their greenhouse gas emissions. A climate and environment policy Kinder egg!

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Key figures

Outstanding lending:

140,000,000 NOK

Estimated discount:

459,083 NOK

Total cost:

274,000,000 NOK


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