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Home collection is increasing recycling

In the Ålesund region, ÅRIM, an environmental services company, has introduced a collection scheme for glass and metal packaging across twelve municipalities. The scheme is delivering results!

Half of the area's residents were provided with a separate bin for glass and metal packaging in 2018, with the scheme due to be implemented for the remainder in 2019. The scheme has already started to have an impact. The company had expected to see people separate out 30% more packaging from their waste than before. However, the results from the third quarter of 2019 are ahead of this, with residents so far separating out 48% more packaging than before. Since the company is still in a roll-out phase, this figure is expected to be even higher next year.

Glass and metal are valuable resources that can be recycled endlessly without their quality decreasing. In Norway glass and metal packaging that has been separated out ends up in Onsøy outside Fredrikstad at what is one of the most modern facilities in the world for separating out raw materials from glass and metal packaging. The recycled glass is used as a raw material for Glasopor foam glass aggregate and insulation products, and is also sold to various glassworks. The recycled metal is sorted and sold to smelting plants that produce new metal tools such as garden tools and bicycle components.

ÅRIM’s collection scheme is a good way of extracting the largest amount of resources possible from rubbish.

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