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Photo: Marie Kulander Kvitsrud/IVAR

Modern technology increases recycling

New technology at IVAR’s facility in Forus ensures a very high material recovery rate of 75%. Also increases the recovery of plastic materials from 7% to 100%.

IVAR’s state-of-the-art post-sorting plant in Forus sorts residual waste from households. Not only do the plant’s machines separate out plastic and metal packaging from such waste, they also refine the plastic waste at the same time – it is the first plant in the world where this happens. The raw materials that are recovered are distributed to the plastics and metals industry where they take on a new life as new products. Waste that cannot be recycled is used as fuel to produce electricity and for district heating.

The plant is one element in a sustainable circle where waste is converted back into valuable raw materials. This in turn helps increase recycling, saving the environment around 33,000 tonnes of environmentally harmful emissions annually. This is equivalent to the emissions generated by 20,000 petrol cars! The plant thus helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also creating a number of local jobs.

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