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Illustration: Hille Melbye arkitekter

New Jordal Amfi arena

An ice rink in Oslo City built to ensure the best possible heat recovery, with good temperature control systems and a high degree of efficient energy consumption.

The new Jordal Amfi arena will be an ice hockey venue for both recreational and professional players in Oslo, with around 5,300 seats for spectators. The arena will be used for training most hours of the day all year, as well as for matches and cups. The City of Oslo has chosen innovative energy solutions in order to deliver a flexible system and an indoor climate that is good for both players and spectators.

The building was designed with the approach that the energy and climate solutions were fundamental to its architecture, not vice versa. Great importance has been attached to heat recovery, and the arena itself is 97.5% self-sufficient in thermal energy. CO2-based refrigeration units, solar panels, a sedum green roof and geothermal wells will help the arena to achieve strict emissions figures. With the new solutions, the arena will use about a third as much energy as its predecessor. In addition, the building site for the new arena will be fossil-fuel-free, meaning that all the construction machinery on the building site will have to be electric or bio-diesel powered – the same applies to the heating and drying machines used on the site.

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