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Fixed rate loans

  • The simplest and most efficient way of achieving a fixed interest rate on borrowing
  • Predictable interest costs
  • Option to benefit from a green interest rate discount of 0.1 percentage points

The opportunity to arrange a fixed rate for between 1 and 10 years is the simplest way of making your future interest costs predictable. Any organisation that wishes to have predictable interest costs and minimal risk of changes in costs is recommended to have fixed rate loans as part of its portfolio. With maturities on the loan itself of up to 50 years, fixed rate loans require minimal ongoing attention, which facilitates financial reporting.

Fixed rate loans can be taken out as part of KBN’s green lending program, which offers a discount of 0.1 percentage points.


Information and terms

Maturity Up to 50 years, 1 to 10 years fixed rate No change fees
Interest determination According to agreement
Installment Optional, term or interest-only
Fixed interest 1 to 10 years fixed rate
Green interest rate Read more on green rates
Flexible installment structure Not during maturity with fixed interest rates
Interest calculation 30 / 360 days
Loan termination Notice period 14 days Any upper or lower price is calculated on early redemption
Partial payments
KBN charge free
Notification period for interest change
Conversion of fixed product