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Standard variable rate loans

  • Greater flexibility and customisable
  • Suitable as construction loans with flexibility in terms of drawdown
  • Minimal need for ongoing administrative attention
  • Option to benefit from a green interest rate discount of 0.1 percentage points

KBN’s standard variable rate loans are long and flexible, require little administration, and the interest rate follows developments in the short money markets. This loan has many advantages and has therefore become our most popular product. Standard variable rate loans can be customised in terms of both drawdown and repayment and are excellent for long-term financing, such as construction loans. Some of the benefits of this loan product are the possibility of tailoring in repayment.  Maturities of up to 50 years mean only minimal attention is required, which facilitates financial reporting. KBN sets the variable interest rate, but the rate will over time correspond to the interest rate on KBN’s NIBOR-linked loans.

With standard variable rate loans work as green loan, for which the interest rate is 0.1 percentage points below the normal rate.

Information and terms

Maturity Up to 50 years
Interest determination KBNs interest rates reflect the development in the market interest rate
Installment Optional, term, annuity or interest only
Fixed interest 14 days
Green interest rate Read more on green rates
Flexible installment structure Can be customized
Interest calculation Actual / 365 days
Loan termination Notice period 14 days Interest only
Partial payments
KBN charge free
Notification period for interest change 14 days
Conversion of fixed product Free of charge