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An Eco-Lighthouse

KBN is a certified Eco-Lighthouse company.

This means we have committed to working systematically on ensuring that we operate in an environmentally friendly way and have a high-quality working environment with high levels of job satisfaction and motivation, and the lowest possible sick leave rate.

KBN has been a certified Eco-Lighthouse company since 2009 and was recertified in March 2021.

We work to reduce the impact of KBN’s operations on the environment by reducing the amount of rubbish and food waste we generate, using less energy, taking more environmentally friendly means of transport, replacing business travel with video conferencing, making sure our procurement activities are green, and raising our employees’ awareness of climate and environmental issues.

All employees are involved in this work, and guidelines have been introduced that are intended to ensure environmentally friendly products, services and methods are chosen.

In terms of measures intended to increase employee welfare, monthly social activities are organised, there are group exercise classes several times a week, and employees can use KBN's gym free of charge. KBN’s employees eat lunch together in KBN’s canteen, which offers high-quality food.

There is also a focus at KBN on increasing employee knowledge in relation to the environment and consumption, and all employees are sent information and tips each week on how they can reduce their carbon footprint both in a work context and as a private individual.

Read more about KBN’s certification as an Eco-Lighthouse company here.