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Our expectations of suppliers

KBN works systematically with sustainability and our ambition is to be among the leading financial institutions in this area. We expect our suppliers of goods and services to work systematically with sustainability, and contribute to solving society's social, economic and environmental challenges.

The following expectations clarify what we emphasize when choosing suppliers, and in which direction we expect our suppliers to develop. KBN will follow up our suppliers with an expectation that they work towards a higher degree of fulfilment over time.

We expect our suppliers to:

Environmental issues:

  • Measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1, 2 and 3), have an emission reduction target that is at least as ambitious as the national climate goals and a credible plan to achieve these, and have a vision and timeline for achieving net zero emissions
  • Buy climate quotas, carbon credits, etc. of high quality, which at least compensates for their emissions
  • Map their own climate risk and have a strategy for managing it
  • Analyse whether their business model will be profitable in a low-emission scenario and seek to adjust it to be profitable in a low-emission society

Social issues:

  • Support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and work systematically to achieve the goals in areas where the supplier considers it has the greatest opportunity to make a difference
  • Have a strategy and work systematically to ensure diversity and equality in its own organization, including achieving at least 40 percent representation of each gender at all levels of the organization
  • Respect employee rights in its own organization and choose suppliers who do the same
  • Have a reporting system and whistleblowing procedures that ensure confidentiality

Governance issues:

  • Be transparent about the company's strategy and financial and non-financial goals
  • Contribute to society through a tax policy that ensures that income is taxed in jurisdictions where business is conducted
  • Have a robust system against and zero tolerance for corruption and money laundering in its own organization and its suppliers’
  • Know its suppliers and obtain the necessary information to assess them, including subjecting them to ESG requirements and following up through their supply chains
  • Operate with high integrity and have developed and published ethical guidelines that reflect this

For companies that are or want to become a supplier to KBN, these expectations are operationalized through contractually agreed minimum requirements, evaluation criteria in our tender requests and through the ambitions the company expresses in the tender offer, together with any additional undertakings the company may be willing to offer to become or remain a KBN supplier.