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  • KBN eur 1 Billion 10-year benchmark


    16 May KBN priced their third EUR benchmark. Indications of Interest were in excess of 1 billion. Orderbook momentum continued with over EUR 1.3 billion of orders from a range of high quality accounts. KBN finances its lending to the local government sector by borrowing in the capital markets.

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  • Committed to green bonds development


    KBN's Sigbjørn Birkeland has been elected executive committee member of Green Bond Principles (GBP), the leading international green bonds standard.

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  • Oversubscribed Dollar benchmark


    Tuesday 13th June 2017, KBN issued a USD 1 billion 3-year Benchmark bond. This was KBNs first 3-year Benchmark in American Dollars since 2013.

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  • KBN appoints green committee


    Capital is an important commodity in the green shift, but so too is knowledge. KBN has brought together important figures from climate research, the local government sector, environmental organisations and national agencies to investigate what constitute the most cost-effective environmental measures.

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  • KBN goes green - on New Zealand


    A Kauri bond is a bond denominated in New Zealand Dollars that is issued by a foreign issuer (such as KBN). The first Kauri issue was completed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) and KBN completed its first Kauri bond in 2007.