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  • Extreme changes - extreme costs


    Climate change represents a growing financial risk, including for Norway’s municipalities. Risk prevention needs to be prioritised over repairs much more than is currently the case, but where should municipalities look to find good solutions?

  • Successfull issuance of USD Benchmark


    25th April 2018, KBN successfully issues a new USD 1 billion 2,875% 3-year benchmark.

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  • KBN helps set new record at Oslo Børs


    Thanks to a green bond issued by KBN on 21 November, Oslo Børs can already point to 2017 as a record year for green bonds.

  • Impact reporting in three easy steps


    How do you calculate climate risk and the environmental impact of an investment? This was the topic of a recent seminar organised by KBN and SEB.

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  • Solid earnings


    KBN’s net interest income in the third quarter of 2017 was NOK 513 million as compared to NOK 572 million in the same period in 2016. The decrease was due to a downwards adjustment to KBN’s interest rate level while other aspects of operations remained stable.

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