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  • KBN publishes impact data


    For the first time, KBN supplements its impact report with data on environmental impact of it’s green bonds in a user-friendly spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be used by investors and other stakeholders wishing to further explore the data from the impact report.

  • KBN maintains lending activity


    KBN has introduced new measures to secure continuity of KBN operations and lending activity while limiting potential spread of the coronavirus.

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  • Precautions to reduce corona contraction


    KBN takes the situation regarding the corona virus seriously, and we have implemented precautions to limit potential spread of the virus, and secure continuity of KBN operations.

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  • KBN CEO steps down


    The Board of Directors of Kommunalbanken AS and Kristine Falkgård have today agreed to end the employment relationship.

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  • Exeptional outcome in volatile market


    On Thursday 5th March, Kommunalbanken (KBN) priced a new USD1.25bn 5-year benchmark at the lowest ever coupon on a KBN 5-Year USD benchmark.

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