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  • 2 year benchmark


    Wednesday 30th August 2017, KBN issued a USD 1 billion 2-year Benchmark bond. This was KBNs third Benchmark in American Dollars this year.

  • Building Norwegian society for 90 years


    September 1st we celebrated KBN having helped finance welfare service provision by the Norwegian local government sector for 90 years. It is a history of which we are proud.

  • Strong underlying operations


    KBN’s net interest income in the second quarter was NOK 538 million as compared to NOK 467 million in the same period in 2016. KBN’s profit for the second quarter was NOK 90 million, and was affected by unrealised losses on financial instruments.

  • KBN reduces its margin on longterm loans


    KBN reduces its margin on loans with floating Nibor-indexed interest rate by 0.1 percentage point with effect from 1 August.

  • KBN eur 1 Billion 10-year benchmark


    16 May KBN priced their third EUR benchmark. Indications of Interest were in excess of 1 billion. Orderbook momentum continued with over EUR 1.3 billion of orders from a range of high quality accounts. KBN finances its lending to the local government sector by borrowing in the capital markets.