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We are reducing our carbon footprint

KBN has a target of cutting its own greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

As much as two-thirds of KBN’s estimated carbon footprint for 2019 came from flights. With all of Norway’s municipalities as customers, we travel up and down the length of Norway to meet with our customers. We also meet investors in many locations across the world in order to ensure we are able to offer the local government sector the best possible loan terms. We will continue to need to travel by plane, but there are some steps we can take to reduce this.

Emissions in tonnes of CO2

If everyone makes a small contribution we can achieve major change. In 2020 we set a target of halving our emissions over the course of this decade. This will involve us doing things differently from before. Some journeys can be made by train rather than by plane, we can increase the number of customer meetings we arrange for each trip we make, and we can make increasing use of digital meetings.

Emissions pathway, target

Emissions pathway, target

In order to achieve our target of halving our emissions, from 2020 we will report on our progress each quarter. This will enable us to change course if we are above our calculated emissions limit.

We are implementing a range of measures to cut our emissions and to change behaviours, including:

  • A climate budget for flights
  • Replacing fossil-fuel cars with zero-emissions vehicles for business travel
  • Reducing meat consumption in our canteen and at our events
  • Introducing greener procurement guidelines and supplier requirements