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Customer success stories

Read all about our customers investments and projects based on KBN lending.

Illustration: Hille Melbye arkitekter

New Jordal Amfi arena

An ice rink in Oslo City built to ensure the best possible heat recovery, with good temperature control systems and a high degree of efficient energy consumption.

Photo: Anne Lise Norheim

Biogas production in Rogaland

IVAR produces biogas based on sewage sludge, waste food and other organic waste. Biofuel plant for steam heat production based on de-watered bio residue and timber waste.

Opening of the Dæli stream

The opening of Dæli stream in Bærum municipality contributes to more fish and less flooding.

Photo: Illustration photo, Torunn Brånå

Best available technology for Lesja nursing home

When faced with the need to make their largest ever investment, Lesja municipality chose the best technology available in order to achieve an energy efficient nursing home.

Photo: Marie Kulander Kvitsrud/IVAR

Modern technology increases recycling

New technology at IVAR’s facility in Forus ensures a very high material recovery rate of 75%. Also increases the recovery of plastic materials from 7% to 100%.